Singh Urology

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Patient Information


This section provides patient information relating to conditions and diseases affecting the urinary tract and their treatments.

This is for general information only and is not medical advice for any particular individual condition. If you have specific concerns regarding your health, you should always consult with your GP or specialist.


Conditions of the:


Investigations & Treatments

Urgent Referrals

Your GP will refer you immediately if:

  • You exhibit visible blood in the urine.
  • There is detection of blood on dip stick testing in patients over 50.
  • You exhibit swellings in the body of the testis.
  • A kidney tumour is discovered as a result of investigations for unrelated problems.
  • Raised prostate specific antigen (PSA) if found. This is a blood test used to indicate risk of prostate cancer.
  • A rectal examination causes your GP to suspect prostate cancer